Watching face-off makes me Sooo ansy. I get so inspired

Track Title: Another Year

Artist: Animals As Leaders

Album: The Joy of Motion


Animals As Leaders - Another Year

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psa: feminazi is a fucking disgusting term that compares fighting for women’s rights to genocide. 

it was coined by rush limbaugh (that alone should be enough to make you stay far far away from it)

it is a racist term, and it is disrespectful to marginalized groups who suffered in nazi germany (so jews, rroma, lgbt folks, people with disabilities, etc.)

do not use it. 

if you disagree with feminists: do not use it

if you are a feminist: do not reclaim it

thank you

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if lucifer needs someones consent to enter their body then so do you


how is “slut” even an insult wtf get that dick grl

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Track Title: Born In Winter

Artist: Gojira

Album: L'enfant sauvage (Special Edition)





The most beautiful song ever

My god. So good

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You guys have great fucking taste in music

Track Title: Blackest Eyes

Artist: Porcupine Tree

Album: In Absentia


Blackest Eyes // Porcupine Tree

I got my eyebrows re-done yesterday.
Goddess status regained.

I’m watching the Emperor’s New Groove!!! Haven’t seen it in forever. It’s such an amazing fucking movie